Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tips & Tricks on How To Get And STAY Famous

People wonder and ask this question all the time. On roblox fame can occur for many different reasons, some people are famous, but for the WRONG reason.

#1 What Good Things Can YOU Do To Get Famous?

There are many, many things that can get you famous. Here they are.

  • Build A Great Place that loads of people like.
  • Design awesome clothing and get tons of sales.
  • Be famous for a particular skill e.g. Scripting
  • Collect tons of limited items.
  • Go on The forum often.
  • Be kind and mature 
  • Make a Group and get it popular
  • Sell custom made logos, ads, decals, shirts, pants and t-shirts

#2 Bad things to be famous for ("The Don't Do's")
So as you can see there are many ways to get famous. However some people are famous, but for the WRONG reasons! Such as...

  • Hacking
  • Trolling
  • Spamming
  • Being Hated (haters make them famous)
  • Scamming
  • Being Mean
  • Disobeying Rules
Do not fall into these traps as it is impossible to get out of them and everyone will hate you and you'll get banned, possibly a deletion of your account too! We don't want that, so be mature, pick the right choices! We're here on Roblox to have fun and learn!

#3 How To Get Famous For What Your Good At
It's all well and good being good at something and wanting to be famous, however some people take the wrong paths and end up not-being famous and quitting what their good at, this may lead to flaming and spamming which will lead to bans. So I'll explain how to express your talent you want to be famous for, taking the right choices.

Step 1: Make Evidence
First you should use your talent. E,g, Build A really nice, fun attractive place.

Step 2: Improve Your Evidence
There's always room for improvement, so get some of your friends to see your talent (in this case it's your place you've built) just message them and ask them to give their opinion, or post on the forum. HOWEVER this is where some people go wrong. They get disheartened by a flamer (someone who tries to discourage someone to make them quit) and loose interest , confidence and hope! So If someone says something that's totally mean against your talent, report it and don't reply to them, ignore them! The mods will then deal with that person appropriately. One of the key things in  fame is to NOT get discouraged by ANYONE! (They're probably just jealous!)

Step 3: Check over
Now that your evidence of your talent is finally done. In this case it's building. You need to check over your place and make sure everything is right and that there are no glitches, bugs, errors or mistakes.

Step 4: Get The Word Out There
 This can be one of the most tricky parts, being as there are many jealous players and people that only want to use their own stuff, but you have to just forget about them.

There are a few ways of expressing your talent out there. Here's a list to make it straight-forward.

  • Advertise (if you have enough tix)
If your looking for a lot of clicks and your not good at making adverts, there are many people who sell adverts, Such as TheJKid and TheCoolDog.
  • Tell Your friends 
  • Post YouTube videos about your talent
  • Post on Iron Noob Forums
  • Post On the Roblox "Look What I Made" forum.
  • Go to games and tell people about what you've done
  • Make a fan-group about your talent (to keep your fans updated with the latest stuff you've made)
#4 Maintaining Your Fame
Now that all that hard work is done, it must not stop. Some people think when they're famous they'll stay famous but it's not always the case. Keep mature, active and keep using your talent. Don't ignore your PMs unless they're spam of course. Run a few more adverts now and then and post forums. However, never spam anything in the wrong forum. Keep it fresh as well, people don't want to see the same thing over and over again, E.g. if your famous for making shirts, switch to different styles every once and a while. It'll keep your fans amused by seeing the new range of clothing you make.

I hope these tips & tricks were a big help to you and I look forward to see more users excel in their fame!


  1. cool wish i could build and script XD

  2. I'm a good scripter and like the best builder and stuff but their is something wrong. I made this place of a scary mansion with scary killers and it got 499 ROBLOX Visits but now I changed it to some updates of a waterpark and now its not going anymore. :(

  3. Try a game lots of people love, like a Sword Fighting Place, or a land war game, tycoon, obby [large]. Just find a game you love to play and make your own but even better

  4. i am sorta famous because my place

  5. I run a lot of ad's for my place but i still only have a few visits..

  6. Thanks, I'm currently trying to get my dream hat (dominus infernus), and I'm making a place :D